Volunteers are important to you. For many efforts and organizations, perhaps like yours, they are lifeblood. But, they are not just present energy. They are future potential too.

VolunteerMark understands volunteers. We understand that volunteers are more than names to you. They are more than blanks on a simple sign-up form. They are people – with ideas, energy and commitment. They support your work. They grow your mission. Oftentimes, they support you many times over and become part of your organization for years or even for life. So, we built a suite of digital solutions to help you. VolunteerMark is as simple as a form – with best practice automatic tools to help you. Or, it is as robust and complete of a volunteer management solution that you can find. It scales seamlessly from a small one-time event solution for a local nonprofit to a large, university or national nonprofit volunteer program.

With VolunteerMark, managing your valuable volunteer base is easier than ever – which will make your life’s work better and easier and your volunteers happier.

Problem Solving. Organizing a group of volunteers for a special project or for the success of your organization is a big undertaking. The work piles up: missed phone calls, emails waiting response, meetings to attend. Things can get disorganized quickly. VolunteerMark offers volunteer management professionals a more effective and simple way to manage volunteers. It’s as simple as a sign-up form or as robust as a volunteer management machine. At the same time, VolunteerMark gives volunteers an organized and easy way to keep track of their volunteering duties and schedules. So, volunteers grow closer to you, your work and your organization. This helps them find more ways to serve. Whether you are organizing volunteers or helping with a cause near and dear to your heart, VolunteerMark is the answer.

Easy & Fast. VolunteerMark is easy and fast. It’s as easy as completing a volunteer event and sending it out. The program does the rest – with reminders, auto-scheduling tools, auto-reporting and so much more. But, with VolunteerMark, you get more than a simple sign-up. You get a real volunteer management solution that scales as you need it. If you need a one-time event, “ok”. It’s perfect for that. If you need the program to help volunteers become lasting members of your team, it’s perfect for that too.

The Past to Present. This cutting-edge software, started in 2010 as a solution to help people, nonprofits and other organizations manage their volunteering needs, is very simple to use. And, it’s easy to start and free to try. Businesses, organizations, schools and more seeking to enlist the help of volunteers for their special events and daily operations can sign up for a basic plan for free. Once familiar and comfortable with the software, you can upgrade to a plan that offers additional tools and features to meet all your volunteering needs. There are three plans to choose from and all plans begin with a free, 14-day trial. All paid plans include single sign-on; data import and export; unlimited admins; tags, filters and checklists; and programs and departments where volunteers can be matched up by skills and talents.

Volunteers Free Forever. VolunteerMark is always free for volunteers to use. After joining VolunteerMark, volunteers have access to a personal dashboard where they can log hours, find and follow organizations, make donations and much more. Membership includes a free mobile app, the ability to share through social media, service hour verifications and volunteer certificates. Volunteers can be matched with an organization based upon their skills and you can sign up for as many organizations and causes you like. Plus, volunteers can invite friends and family, giving an option for group volunteering as well.

Best Technology. The VolunteerMark website is unique in that is simple to use, but feature-rich with the most cutting edge volunteer management tools. You will find it is the best volunteer management solution on the market. Managers can use VolunteerMark to recruit new help, post opportunities for service, schedule, communicate via email and text, manage short or long term volunteer relationships, maintain volunteer profiles, analyze data and communicate reports, and accept online donations.

Safe & Secure. VolunteerMark is safe and secure to use through the latest security technology. Your information is very important – and so is that of your valued volunteers.

Use Case Examples. It can be used by large and small organizations – from a university to a grade school or from a local soup kitchen to a worldwide nonprofit. VolunteerMark scales beautifully. And, it’s simple for all and at every level.

Organization Ideas – Some organizations that can use VolunteerMark:

  • Mentorship Organizations
  • Youth Organizations
  • Grade School Volunteer Programs
  • High School Volunteer Programs
  • University Volunteer Programs
  • Soup kitchens
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Reading Rooms
  • Catholic Charities Chapters
  • Entire School Districts
  • Sporting Teams
  • Boy Scouting, Troops or Districts
  • Volunteering Clubs
  • Pro-life Clubs