Scheduling Overview

People are complicated, and so are their schedules, but don’t fret VolunteerMark makes scheduling easy. In an effort to streamline that process, organizations have three volunteer opportunities to choose from: flexible schedule positions, fixed schedule positions and one-time events.

Check out the video below to see how to create every schedule type available. If you are just wandering about one specifically, select flexible schedule positions, fixed schedule positions, and one-time events within the learning center.


Flexible schedule positions

Flexible schedule positions are volunteer opportunities that don’t have a specific time shift. They are tasks that need to be completed, yet with no defined date or time. Examples include data entry help, website design, etc.

Fixed schedule positions

Fixed scheduled positions are volunteer opportunities that have a specific shift time. Tasks have a defined date and time to be accomplished. Examples include food services, weekly or monthly tutoring sessions, etc.

One-time events

One-time events are volunteer opportunities that occur just once at a specific date and time. Multiple volunteer shifts can be added within these events. Examples include fundraisers, races, etc.

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