Text messaging and emails

    For anything or anyone to be successful, communication is key. VolunteerMark makes it possible to communicate through multiple platforms. Communicating across multiple filters within both your own volunteer network and the VolunteerMark network.

    Group text messages help you keep volunteer shifts and communication organized. Send group text to volunteers before and after opportunities, or even for last minute changes to a volunteer outing.

    Target emails to specific groups of volunteers within your organization. Filtering by volunteer skillsets, or even by program or departments you have created.

    Send private notes to volunteers about specific details or questions you have for that specific volunteer. You may even add private notes to volunteers when inviting them to come help.


Target Your Communication


    Tags are a superior way to associate files with another with using keywords, rather than rigid folders. Offering a flexible way of grouping volunteers together. You can literally put anything you want, just something a group of volunteers share in common. Searching by tags offer a flexible way for you to make volunteer associations. Making the volunteer management process as streamlined as possible. With VolunteerMark, you can tag volunteers to associate them with a program, department, skillset, or a specific volunteer group.


    Filters are a more specific way to manage volunteers. They define a volunteer’s methods and motivation for volunteering. Our filters include court ordered, student, and even virtual help. We offer a court-mandated filter for those who are ordered by a court to complete some sort of community service. VolunteerMark is also great for educational organizations, offering a filter for students, many of whom have service our requirements for various entities and student organizations within their school.


    Programs are specific services offered among an organization’s volunteer operations. These are viewable to the public and allow prospective volunteers the opportunity to manually match-up their skills with an organization’s needs. Examples include food service, tutoring, thrift stores, etc.


    Departments are solely internal catalog tools for organizations. They are utilized to group similar volunteer opportunities together and are not published to the public. Use them for administration use among your volunteer operations. Examples include public relations, fundraising, events, etc.

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